Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Homework 13/2

  • Science homework (transport in humans)
  • ADMT
Activity 1: Peer evaluation of logo design 
• Your partner should have already turned in his/her video explanation. 
• If he/she has not, please remind him to do so, so that you would be able to proceed with this activity. (Thus, I should not be hearing things like he/she didnt hand in his/her work) 
• View your partner's video explanation on the logo designed for you 
• In the comments box, leave down your peer evaluation: 
1a. Does the logo successfully portray my personality? 
1b. Name an area in which your partner has done well, in terms of Elements & Principles of Design. 
(Eg. The shade of blue used in the logo design successfully portrays my calm personality...) 
1c. Name an area in which your partner could improve upon, in terms of Elements & Principles of Design. 
(Eg. He could possibly use thicker lines instead of thinner lines to highlight...) 

Activity 2: Research on International Logos 
• Group work 
- Group 1: Sneha, Rikesh, Albern, Jodie 
- Group 2: Wen Loong, Zhen Yang, Veena, Jowell 
- Group 3: Zhi Kai, Andres, Darren, Khit 
- Group 4: Olivia, Marcus, Elvis, Dinesh 
- Group 5: Marc, Jonathan, Malcom, Arkar 
- Group 6: Henry, Yong Rong, Hong Kai 
• Each group will be researching on popular international logos & will come up with a presentation about it 
• Minimum: 1 ppt slide, Maximum: 3 ppt slides 
• Logos that groups will be working on: 
Group 1 - Coca Cola 
Group 2 - Apple 
Group 3 - Wikipedia 
Group 4 - FedEx 
Group 5 - Coca Cola 
Group 6 - FedEx 
• Guiding questions you will be attempting are: 
2a. Include an image of the company's logo 
2b. What services does the company provide? 
2c. What is the rationale/meaning behind the logo? (Eg. The lines are wavey, this denotes.... ) 
2d. How does the logo tie in with company's services? (Eg. The logo is mainly navy blue, thus the company is trying to portray...) 
2e. Who are the target audiences? 
2f. Is this logo effective? State your reasons. (Use the Elements & Principles of Design to justify your reasons) 
• Deliverable: High resolution/quality JPEG ppt slides 
• Turn In to Edmodo Assignment: Research on International Logos 

Activity 3: One-point Perspective Practice 2 
• Attached is the one-point perspective image to get done in a page of your sketchbook 
• Tips on going about this exercise: 
- Locate your Vanishing Point and Horizon 
- Focus on the overall form of the buildings 
- Lastly, work on the details such as the windows 
• Take a clear snapshot of your work 
• Turn In to Edmodo Assignment: One-point Perspective Practice 2 

All activities are due by the end of this lesson, latest would be before next lesson, Monday 18 February 2013. 

  • Remember to bring math worksheet. (Practice 2C and 2D)

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