Wednesday, 20 March 2013

I need a group for performance task!

Hi 1-05 i just want to ask if anyone had space in their mother tongue performance task groups. I understand that people might not want me in their groups but please bear in mind that I have to get points too. I know I might be hated but I really need a group and will only do my job in the group and nothing else so please tell me if you have an empty space for me in your group!



  1. errm alben? were supposeed to work in grps of 3 so 23/3 = 7 grps and 2 ppl left, one is u and another is elvis which is in my group as a "spectator"
    so u obviously will have no grp unlessu ask tcr to allow u to join a group. and that grp will have 4 ppl

  2. OOPS SORRY for first one forgot that sneha, rikesh, arkar dinesh dun take chinese and so total figure of class is 23-4=19 and 19/3=6 grps and 1 person and that one person is elvis which is a "spectator" in our group, so u would have a group as there will be a group with 2 ppl in it. And u have to find that group and tell them that u have to join them group so as to get marks.